About The SOLOTR Token

SOLOTR project is a unique project that will be presented to investors fairly by adding all tokens to the Pancakeswap exchange with the Fairlaunch method. There are no endless team sales. There is no such thing as unlocking locked tokens. Here all the tokens are available on the Pancakeswap exchange for investors. The price is constantly supported upwards by burning transactions. Or BUSD rewards are distributed.


  • Token Name: SOLOTR

  • Symbol: SOLOTR

  • Total Quantity: 100.000.000

  • Circulation: 91.500.000

  • Liquidity: 100,000,000 / 1,000 USD

  • Listing Price: 0.00001$


company roadmap

2022 Q2

Research And Development Phase
Market research and technical team formation

Q4 2022

interviews with investor groups
Pancakeswap Listing
Reach 1000 Holders
+2000 Organik Social Media Followers
Reach 1.000.000$ Marketcap
Burning at least 15,000,000 SOLOTR Tokens

Q2 2023

Aggressive Marketing
Reach 10000 Holders
+50000 Organik Social Media Followers
Reach 10.000.000$ Marketcap
Burning at least 25,000,000 SOLOTR Tokens

Q4 2023

Aggressive Marketing
Reach 100000 Holders
+200000 Organik Social Media Followers
Reach 100.000.000$ Marketcap
Burning at least 33,000,000 SOLOTR Tokens
Top 15 CEX Listing

Q3 2022

Creation of websites and social media platforms
Starting to write Token Contract
Marketing Agreements And Activities

Q1 2023

Aggressive Marketing
Reach 5000 Holders
+10000 Organik Social Media Followers
Reach 5.000.000$ Marketcap
Burning at least 20,000,000 SOLOTR Tokens

2023 3Q

Aggressive Marketing
Reach 50000 Holders
+100000 Organik Social Media Followers
Reach 50.000.000$ Marketcap
Burning at least 30,000,000 SOLOTR Tokens

2024 1Q

Beginning the design of SOLOTR Pilot NFTs
Disclosure of exclusive privileges to NFT holders
NFT sales and start of development of our Simulation game
Top 10 CEX Listing




Our price will create a new low above the previous low with each close. A strong support will be provided with the increasing liquidity and the decreasing number of tokens.


If the team wants to make money, it has to grow the community and find new investors. They have to work for themselves, not for you. Because their only income is the taxes on the token.


There is a 0% tax when buying tokens and a 20% tax when selling. 10% of the tax is the only income of the team. The other 10% is distributed to the top 100 Wallets each weekend as a BUSD reward. Or, if the community wishes, buyback and burning can be chosen.


Our team does not believe that for a cryptocurrency to rise in value, there must be an area of activity. Our team believes that a cryptocurrency can only rise with the strength of its community and honest teams.


The biggest problem of cryptocurrencies that are currently released is that they are very expensive and do not give any privileges to their first investors. It even causes them to wait for long periods of time and suffer severe damage. Our token, on the other hand, will be offered for sale at a very attractive price with a value of $ 0.00001, although there are 100,000,000 units.


What investors want most from their team is marketing. In our project, if the team wants to make money, it must constantly find new investors and grow the community. This makes marketing mandatory..

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